Aly Fell

Hello! Aly FelI, (that's me) lives in Derbyshire in the UK, where I am a 3D animator, modeller and concept artist for
Eurocom Entertainment Software in Derby UK; having previously worked at Core Design, home of Lara Croft on games such as 'Herdy Gerdy'.
And also at Nu-GenerationGames in Nottingham where I was lead animator and character designer on 'Origin of the Species'. Previously I was a 2D traditional animator at Cosgrove Hall in Manchester, working on:
'Count Duckula'
And some other stuff including specials for Chuck Jones, The BBC and ITV, commercials and promo films. I also doubled up with character
design and model sheet work for a number of projects including 'Little Grey Men', 'Avenger Penguins', etc.

Most of my stuff is purely character work, and I enjoy drawing women, in traditional pin-up styles and in a more complex way.

For fun I like to visit places like Egypt with my girlfriend and hang around with people who wear too much black clothing
and eyeliner. And I like to drive my hearse, when it's going...

You can find me on the net lurking around Concept Art and CGTalk, where I am known as Poshspice! (Don't ask!)

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